Create a basic user authentication using nodejs, express.js and Passport.js with no routes or template engine

damianfranco used Ask the Experts™
I am creating a basic user authentication using nodejs, express.js and Passport.js.
I follow this example and it kind of works for me:

BUT, I would like to modify this demo to not have routes and not a template engine (ejs)

I have a folder with a bunch of static html files I would like to protect.

I would like to password protect access to all html file under admin using basic authentication, but without routes.

In other words, I would like to access or any other html page and be redirected to login page, after logging in, I would like to be redirected back to page2.html and after that I could access the rest of the html pages without having to login.,, etc

The reason I don't want to have routes is because new html pages are added all the time and I don't want to keep creating routes for new ones or remove routes when deleting html pages.
Also, I don't really need a template engine since my pages are static html and I would like people to access the html directly.

The only requirements I have is nodejs, express.js and Passport.js.

Can someone please guide me or point me to an example to accomplish this?

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