shared mailbox showing as disabled, but is enabled?

Exchange shared mailbox is showing:  ExchangeUserAccountControl : AccountDisabled

It was migrated from exchange 2010 to exchange online.  I have a hybrid env. using dirsync/adconnect.  

It was shared prior to being migrated - and the user account associated is ENABLED.

Anyone ever seen this before?  I believe this is showing that the account is enabled, but that attribute is showing it "ExchangeUserAccountControl" creating a false positive on licensing reports.

Is there anyway to correct set this attribute?

Thanks Experts!
Ron ShortsAsked:
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Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
A shared mailbox should show the associated AD user account as disabled (you can't directly access a shared mailbox - it has to be done through delegated access to user mailboxes). If you try to enable the AD account you're effectively trying to change it back into a user mailbox that requires an Office 365 license. A shared mailbox doesn't require an Office 365 license.
Ron ShortsAuthor Commented:
@Andy M - thanks for your reply.  

The shared mailbox AD account was disabled at some point, probably when it was created, but someone must have enabled it... and I'm unsure if the account to the shared mailbox is being used or not to disable it.  

There are others like this (shared mailbox with AD account ENABLED), but I noticed the attribute to these:  "ExchangeUserAccountControl" is set to "none" whereas this one is set to "AccountDisabled"

This shows up as needing a license reconciliation when I run this command:

get-msoluser -LicenseReconciliationNeededOnly -enabledfilter enabledonly |select-object userprincipalname, blockcredential, msexchrecipienttypedetails, licenses

What I'm unsure of, whether or not the "ExchangeUserAccountControl" is giving a "false positive" so to speak and the attributes are a little screwed up, and if this shared mailbox isn't licensed will go to the recycle bin after 30 days.

The intent is to not license shared mailboxes.

Thanks again!
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
Hmm, not sure why it is showing like that but I believe it should be set to None. Had a quick look about online and a lot of people say it's sometimes caused by either hiding a mailbox from the Exchange GAL or possible AD Sync.

Have a look at the following suggestions (some of them state Exchange 2010, 2013 but may still be relevant):
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Things work a bit differently in Exchange Online/Office 365. In a nutshell, you can actually enable a shared mailbox account for a direct login, however this is in no way supported by Microsoft and it's in violation of the license agreement. Regardless, Microsoft will not delete any such mailboxes, as they only enforce licensing requirements in some specific scenarios. TL;DR you can ignore this.

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