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I am looking for a solution or tool  to collect information about specific keywords which could be related to specific technology or a product etc if configured those specific words so that I get an instant notification when someone mentions about it on different sites , social media mentions,blog comments/website on complete internet, it is not related to our company or brand in general it is for my interest on some technology related or could be anything, which all companies showing interest on it and what they are doing for it etc, this will help us to understand. I know ORM tools but it is generally used for brand reputation not sure if it serves this purpose, experts please suggest
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There are many tools for keyword search. Isn't keyword planner good for you? You can also try LSI Keywords Generator tool. You can find more info here about this tool. So try this 2 and if they aren't good for you I can recommend some more.


thanks for inputs,I am looking for complete information on specific word for example what to say okay " helicopters" it should give me all the information about its recent development and which all companies and what all they are doing
Adrian ThompsonConsultant for Website Development and Online Marketing

Use Google Alerts:

Here is a screenshot showing the options - you need to select "News", "Blogs" and "Web" to include everything:


Here some tools that you can use
Minimalist solution but have more option than Google Alerts

For more serious business needs
Bryr de GraySEO Technician

I would highly recommend using Google Alerts ( You may set the delivery to "as-it-happens" so that you'll get more results. You can input there the "keyword" or the "query" and if Google found out that there's a post about it, it will be delivered to your email.

Another thing would be to sign up to RSS aggregators like or Feedly. All you need to do is add the RSS feeds of a website (preferably news sites or the niche blogs that you follow) and you'll instantly get their latest post in one site. Apart from the RSS, if the blog or news site has an email newsletter, then go sign up to each.

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