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Last Modified: 2018-08-17
Great day,
I hope all is doing very well. I was wondering what are people views on
1. pass4sure
I am hearing so much about them. Has anyone tried them? I am wondering because I am feeling a little lazy to study again for certs I have but thinking about upgrading them. I am already working with the product and have for years around 20.
If you do not want to reveal your honest opinion you can email at inhislikness@gmail.com and still get the point.
Yes the e is missing in the email
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Sr. Network Engineer
At best, electronic versions of Exam Cram.  At worst - brain dumps.

Either a guy knows the tech or he doesn't.  If he does, the cert will prove itself out.  If he doesn't, the cert will prove him a hag and hopefully the community will catch him, tar him up and strike a match.
Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin
StormWind studios is very good. Their up front sticker price is high, but if you actually call them, you can get massive, and I mean massive, discounts. Access to their products is by the month or year.
I've never tried it, but thanks to you I'll definitely try. :)
Pete LongTechnical Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2019
My 0.02p

If exams were a little more practical there would be no need for test sites, VCEs and brain dumps.

I've been taking exams for nearly 15 years now, and my approach has always been the same, learn the subject, then learn the exam because the two are pretty much NEVER the same. Vendors ask ridicules questions that, in the real world you would just type into Google if you needed "The protocol number in Hex for Qin Q" (Im looking at you Cisco, thanks for that question).

Recently I took on a new subject, I spent a week doing the theory course, then three days doing the practical course, and then bought and read the official documentation from the vendor (that the the exam was supposed to be taken from). Feeling confident I booked the exam. When I sat the exam, I honestly though I'd studied a different subject). Only exam technique (discount the obvious, look at the similar answers, the answers either one of them or the left field one thats different to all the others, go me though). Sadly I think most certification is just an extra money making racket . :(

atlas_shudderedSr. Network Engineer
No further question or input from asker.  Input provided by multiple respondents.  Request closure.
Melvin SandersSR. System Administrator


thank you all very much for your response. this was very helpful.

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