USB and HDMI adapters / cables for MacBook Pro Late 2016

Hello experts,

As new users to Mac ecosystem, we were glad that we got the MacBook Air last year and didn't have to worry about buying anything extra in order to work using Air.

The USB ports and the Mini DP was good enough to work with our existing monitor, keyboard and mouse setup.

However, we recently bought the late 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar with those obnoxious USB-C ports.

Would be great if someone recommends nice adapters/converters to use our USB keyboard and mouse and also a converter from HDMI to USB-C or a proper cable from HDMI to USB C port that would work without any issues on the MacBook Pro.

Came across this one:

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Since these converters and cables are cash cows for FBA sellers, there are tons of these on Amazon making it very hard to shortlist.

Any thoughts would be nice. Thanks!
Kavit GunasAsked:
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using adapters on such a tiny connector will make things worse - much worse - you just create bad contacts then
better buy the keyb and mouse with usb-c connector
Kavit GunasAuthor Commented:
That makes a lot of sense, nobus.

Unfortunately, my favorite mouse (Logitech M100) and keyboard (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000) don't come with USB-C connectors yet. That sucks. ;(
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You really should get Bluetooth for a Mac.  Those USB-c connectors wear out quite quickly and become very loose.  If you leave it connected for very long periods, it should be fine, but if you're unplugging things from those ports daily, they become quite loose over time.  It's not the contacts that wear out first, but the connectors just wear out quicker because they're smaller.  Eventually, the slightest bump will pop them out.

Or if you want to make your on adapter
Instead of individual adapters, consider a dock:
Your peripherals can stay connected to the dock, and a single cable connects it to your MacBook Pro. More costly, but gives many more ports for all your different connections, and even a SD card slot.
John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
I had to deal with this at home with a new MacBook Pro we bought for my wife. Initially, I went to Best Buy and bought a USB-to-USB-C adapter to get started, but over the past few months I've bought replacement cables, etc. with USB-C connections whenever possible (mainly so I'm not running around trying to remember where I last left the USB-C adapter). I agree native connections are better in the long run.

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Kavit GunasAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, haven't been able to find the perfect keyboard and mouse with an USB C connector and so, planning to use the adapters for them now.

Have also gotten a hub so I could use just one of the type C ports and if it goes bad, it goes bad. But will be on the lookout for type-C keyboards and mice as well.

Also got this well reviewed native cable like John recommended, as the monitor also has a DisplayPort:

Going forward, will be getting a dock as well. Greatly appreciate all your responses and so sorry for not writing back much sooner. Thank you again everyone.
Kavit GunasAuthor Commented:
Many thanks again, nobus, serialband, Tom and John! Very grateful to hear your thoughts on the issue at hand. Sincere gratitude..

Here's another issue that I'm dealing with and would love to have $0.02. Thank you!
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