Moving Old Win7 Boot Camp system on 2008 Mac Pro Tower to New iMac

I want to move an existing Win7 Boot Camp system to new Mac computer.

I'm now using a 2008 Mac Pro Tower with El Capitan and moving it to a new Apple iMac with High Sierra and Fusion HDD.

My existing Mac and Win7 OS's are on separate internal drives. I have full backups of my Win7 system and a clone of the Win7 HDD (using Macrium).

What is the best method? I do not care about preserving any data on my current Mac OS. All my important data/apps are on Win7 HDD.

I would prefer to continue to use Boot Camp due to its much faster speed... but open to Parallels!

Scott AndrewsRetiredAsked:
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The simplest way is to purchase a utility:

You can also use diskutility or the command line tool dd to make a backup of the partition and restore it, but that's a bit more involved.
Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks... familiar with WinClone, used once in a trial. Not so much Stellar. Didn't think either would actually clone my NTFS Boot Camp Win7 HDD, especially as my Boot Camp is running on a 2nd internal HDD separate from my MacOS.

Even more so that they could restore both to Two new drives on my new iMac, one being external. That's quite a chore! In process it must also  upgrade my old 3,1 Boot Camp to the latest 5,1.

Do you think either of these can handle all that?
Sorry, I only scanned your original question  didn't read through it thoroughly enough.

You could pull the 2nd disk, put it in an enclosure, attach it to the iMac and boot from it.  You could probably also use Macrium and restore it onto the iMac after you create a 2nd partition or just wipe the fusion disk.
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Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
The more I think about this the only thing I really want to do is copy my Win7 disk into the a new Boot Camp on my iMac.

Then, upgrade Win7 to Win10.

But perhaps even this is asking for trouble. My old 2008 Mac Pro tower tapped out at El Capitan!

Maybe my best shot is to create a new Win10 system on in my new High Sierra Boot Camp iMac, copy over all my files and reinstall all the apps from scratch.
Install a new bootcamp from scratch with windows 10.  Then copy your data to the new system.  Otherwise, if you need your settings, you can use Transwiz.

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Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Agreed... way to go! Thanks... big help!
Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Appreciate the help!
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