In place upgrade of application server with multiple IP's doesn't ping (ICMP enabled already). Server 2008 Enterprise

Ryan Fulton
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I am in the process of getting an outdated server upgraded to a supported OS. Running VMWare 5.5 and we get getting a system off a Virtual Server 2003 x86, and upgrading it to the only available system possible a virtual Server 2008 x86. The original server is an application and file server. It has 3 IP addresses assigned to a single nick and the DNS has 2 of those IP's assigned to static FQDN's.
Here is where things get unusual...

When the original server is the one bound to the domain I can ping it from all of my systems. When the new computer is bound to the domain it will not respond to ping from only certain subdomains (inbound ICMP v4 & v6 are enabled for file and print sharing.. so it isn't the firewall).

The 2nd and 3rd IP's do not respond to any type of ping even though they show they are connected to the network. I have even tried changing the configuration by removing the 2nd and 3rd IP's from the one nic and giving them their own individual nic cards to see if they might respond from there. Again no such luck.

I am going crazy trying to get this to work properly but I can't seem to find a way to get the nic's to talk correctly, nor can I get them to respond to all of the subdomains that the original server had no issues responding to.

I am hoping that someone may have seen something like this before. I realize that an in place upgrade doesn't always resolve all issues but I've never seen something like this in any previous attempts.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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bbaoIT Consultant

are you able to PING the target servers from the same subnet?
Ryan FultonInfrastructure Manager


Yes I can, every other IP on that subnet has no problem being pinged. But this server will not respond to the subnet my system is on. Ping the IP from another address location and it works. Change the nic to DHCP and I can ping it then too

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