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Skype Version 8.25 increase chat text size

Users are being forced to upgrade to latest skype client, currently v8.25, but from what i can see the user is not able to increase the chat text size.   This is troublesome and a backwards step for particularity elderly people using 1080+ screens.  

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Does anyone have a hack/workaround for the text size?   If Microsoft have not built the setting into the initial design I can't imagine they will be adding it anytime soon.

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Kyle SantosQuality Assurance Engineer at Dassault Systemes


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Problem still appears to exist in version, but there appears to a work around using 'zoom'

Press the ALT key and you'll see the hidden drop-down menu.  Select View, and then Zoom in or Zoom out.

skype 8 view menu
You can also use Ctrl - / Ctrl + / Ctrl 0 as hotkeys, but these only work with the main keyboard, not the numeric pad.

The Zoom is far from greatness as it increases the size of everything, not just the text, but it better than nothing.
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Unfortunately it appears that this issue will persist until M$ decides to change or fix this issue.


As you can see here people suggest the zoom method as already described.  Or reverting to a classic or earlier revision of the software.