Wizard for EF layer generation closes after DBConnection

Yogendra Sahu
Yogendra Sahu used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to generate layer for Postgres database using ADO.net, Entity Framework and Postgres Database.
After I select Postgres provider and establishes the connection with the database, the wizard "To choose database object and setting" (Table, view, stored proc, function) doesn't appear and model doesn't get created.
Hence I am unable to select tables and generate layers.
Followings are the version used in my project
npgsql (Installed in Visual Studio from NuGet) - 4.0.2
EntityFramework6.npgsql (Installed in Visual Studio from NuGet) - 3.1.1
PostgreSQL 9.6
I have included provider name for npgsql in webconfig and appconfig, but still unable to generate layer.
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