APC UPS Shutdown Configuration

Lloyd Goss
Lloyd Goss used Ask the Experts™
Have a client with 5 sites, each running on a 6KVA APC smart UPS
Each site is equipped with routing and switch gear, plus 2 powerfull Dell Rack mount servers.

I need to configure theses HyperV host and VMs to gracefully shutdown when UPS has about 40% battery run-time left
Then once power resumes, I need hosts and VM to auto start up again.  This has to work 100% as the site are on average 200-300KM apart and the furthest site is 600KM away from my office.

Please will someone send me the exact parameters to get this right. All UPSs has an SNMP card installed and the hosts already have to Power Chute client installed and configured, but I need to confirm if my config is 100%.  Please i need the best practiced way to do this as well could you advise if the UPS should also initiate a Self shutdown in the event that input power fails.  

UPS and Current Firmware is as follows:

Model: Smart-UPS RT 6000 XL
Position: RACK
Firmware Revision: 452.18.W
Manufacture Date: 10/04/12
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Kyle SantosSoftware Test Analyst I at Dassault Systemes


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Kyle Santos
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Lloyd GossIT Engineer


I need help please don't delete.

I need an example are all settings and parameters that need to be set to safely shutdown HyperV Host and all VMs.


Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016

REFER TO http://www.apc.com/au/en/faqs/FA159689/
AS long as you configure Integration Services, then you only need to shutdown the Host, then it will goes down for every VM

and when the machine come back online,
You need to configure delay on machine https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/data-center/configure-a-hyper-v-vm-for-automatic-startup/

This is especially you want your DC to boot first and then other server to come back one by one.

i only have one small issue on UPS for back up when power is not stable, i.e. when the power come back then turn off again a few times during the hours, your UPS really will play up because it could lead to host shutdown badly.

normally, i will say it only turn back on automatically when the power return to 100% just to cut the power stability out of the picture. Or to be in the same site, don't auto turn back on.
It might not meet your business requirement but it just a risk you need to take.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

We use the same UPS setup in our shop with an extra battery pack to give us about 2 hours runtime.

The APC network management card is installed and configured to fire events off via e-mail.

The main thing to test for is the amount of time it takes for the VMs to gracefully shut down.

Then account for the possibility that the power may pulse on and off intermittently before actually firing up again. This is important as a drained UPS will fire the signal to start the servers when the power comes back on. If the power drops again and there is not enough juice in the batteries to keep things up for a graceful shutdown then trouble. So, keep a buffer of battery to allow for this possibility.

About 35% or 30 minutes of runtime is about right for things to already be shut down. So, if it takes 5 to 10 minutes for the VMs to gracefully shut down as fired by the host then have that happen when there's 40 minutes of runtime left.

I do suggest adding at least one of the runtime extender battery packs to provide a larger buffer.

PowerChute can trigger a graceful shutdown of the host. Make sure the VMs are set to SHUTDOWN in their settings not SAVE. Then, when the host gets triggered the VMS will automatically shut down with one caveat: If someone has left a logged on session and it is locked. Always log off when done!
Lloyd GossIT Engineer


Good Day Gents,

Apologies for the delayed response and thank you for you replies.

So I hear what you saying and it all makes sense, but I just dont know exactly where to set all these parameters. i.e. PC clients and UPS itself.
Please see snips and questions below and advise accordingly.

Powerchute-UPS-Shutdown-Script.PNG - Must I create and add Shutdown script in order for host to auto shutdown and what duration does this refer to? i.e. Time it takes before script runs and time to execute script?

Powerchute-UPS-Shutdown.PNG - What is recommended setting here?

UPS-runtime.PNG - This is current run-time of UPS and need to know based on this run-time the recommended parameters to gracefully shutdown VMS and Hosts considering that VM could take up to 15Mins to shutdown and host possible another 10mins

UPS-Shutdown-parameters.PNG - Not 100% sure if this is the place to set auto shutdown or must it be done on PWR Chute clients and if these settings look correct? How would you set this up based on the run time?

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