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yesterday I received an update about my education credentials status.
One of the transcript not been accepted mentioned the below-given reason.
===  reason ==

Kindly advise, Shall I send you the photocopy of a statement of marks sheet which has the clear visibility to support my - "Statement of Marks-Transcript" submitted to you earlier.
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Hi there!

Not sure to whom you'll be sending this, but here are some suggested edits:


To Whom It May Concern:

Yesterday I received an update on the status of my education credentials. One transcript has not been accepted. The following reason was given for rejecting the submission:


I am happy to send you a photocopy of this transcript, showing clear support of its validity. Please advise if this is the correct course of action to get this issue resolved.


mac_gAdmin - Middleware Servers


Thank you so much Erin.

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