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I have a user who is running WIN 7 IE 11.  From time-to-time when they browse to a website that requires them to supply their domain credentials the dialogue box that generates contains credentials from a previous user and they must always select "Use another account".  I've reviewed Windows Credentials Manager but that doesn't contain the account to remove.  What we've noticed is that there's no Windows profile for the previous user.  Its as if they remotely accessed the PC (possibly someone from the local Helpdesk), supplied their credentials, and now IE has them cached somewhere - I'm just not sure where.

My next step was to review the registry and see what pops up.

Any thoughts?
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In IE 11 Click the gear to the top right>Internet Options>General Tab>Go down to "Browsing History">Click the Delete button>put a check in "Passwords"> Click Delete

*If this pc is used by many, leave a check in passwords and also put a check in "Delete browsing history on exit"
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Please clarify, each user has their own or they use shared login into Windows?
If shared login, the only way to avoid E what you ask is to effectively disable retention of cookies.

The prior login in a website is maintained by the site through setting of cookies.

RDX was on the correct approach to navigate to the Internet option, but rather than looking on the saved credentials, you need to look at the cookies set for the site, there you will find a key, if you delete the site's cookies before going to it, once you access the site, no prior option will be listed.

If you have individual logins and if by accessing a common site, you get prompted for other individual from your organization, it would suggest an issue on the site security disclosing access from similar sources.....

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