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I have a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc that includes an image at the top of every sheet. However, now there is no image but merely a pathname to the image which is no longer valid.

Is it possible to redirect this pathname so that it points to the new location of the image?

How do I embed the image so that it does not need the image to be held in a particular location?

Thank you
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According to LibreOffice's help, the feature is there; but, may not behave the way you want it to:

The other solution would be to make the image publicly available (i.e. part of a website) and then link to it.
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So, there is no answer to my question?
It has been a regular "feature request" for years now; but, does not have the polish that Microsoft put into their Office Suite.
But; as I already said, if the image is publically available (i.e. links to http://somewebsite/images/filename.xxx), that will work the way you expect, I think.

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