One Note conflicts - identify what cells are conflicting.

One Note - Conflicts
Hi, we have a 15 tab excel spreadsheet within One Note that is shared by two people.
Even though we don't edit the same cells, and we try and close the spreadsheet when we aren't using it, we constantly get conflicts within One Note and end up losing work as we cant remember what has been changed.
One note does allow you to compare the spreadsheet with the conflict sheet, but as far as I can tell, doesn't tell you what's different. Its not practical for me to compare 15 sheets with loads of data in each.
Is there any way to prevent this or can One Note show the exact cell(s) that are conflicting (it obviously knows them to report in the first place)
many thanks
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I don't know for Excel sheets, but every other content is marked with a pale red background if conflicting. It's now always easy to spot, and OneNote might just mark the complete sheet as conflicting, depending on the internal collision detection mechanism. In the worst case, the spreadsheet is regarded in its whole only, and so any change on both sides will cause a conflict.

Are the sheets connected to each other? If not, you should split them into different OneNote pages.
Kathy JacobsSocial media geekCommented:
AFAIK, One Note doesn't support what you want it to do.  

OneNote has never marked conflicts inside individual tables, which is what an embedded Excel file is. It has only ever marked that there was a change somewhere within the table. i haven't found anything that says OneNote supports exact conflict marking in tables, so I am guessing it doesn't do what you want it to do.

Is there a particular reason you are using OneNote to do the coordination of the changes inside the file? Embedding that large of an Excel file into OneNote really isn't the best idea. As I understand it, the idea was to allow you to see the file and work with it on a somewhat limited basis - not handle the editing and upkeep of a big Excel file.

(Your mileage may vary from mine. I know that if I embed a big Excel spreadsheet into a OneNote file and then edit it there, my system slows to a crawl.)

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Rick_PenneyAuthor Commented:
Many thanks to the both of you for replying to my question.
We use One Note mainly on a read only basis for IT support staff to have a stored knowledge base to refer to.
This one particular Spreadsheet contains information on all of our hardware; hostname, MAC, IP Address, User and so on.
Its useful to have open whilst onsite, but like I say, even if only one user edits it, One Note then marks it as a conflict.
We have now changed working practice, IT support users take a copy of the file a couple of times a week and work with that. One of us is responsible for editing the master One Note copy.
To me its something that One Note should be able to cope with, maybe share point or another piece of software may be better suited.
Thanks again, Rick
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