Are physical books becoming an anachronism to millennials?


I am going to begin tutoring in the AP subjects that I took, 6 of them..

These days, do kids expect an actual book text? Will I look like a nimrod if I don't have a digital textbook?
I'm going to buy this book to get me fully back to speed. here
How can it be digital? Not all kids can afford tablets,right?
beavoidSelf EmployedAsked:
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Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Most of them will and thy probably appreciate the fact they don't have to spend hundreds on books.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
Only in some areas.

Street directories, phone books and newspapers are all pretty much gone now.

Novels, magazines and "coffee table books" will still be around in a century.

If you publish a textbook in .PDF format, then students can read it on a cellphone, tablet, PC Kindle or whatever. If they are really poor, they may need to borrow some device, or use a PC in a library, but something should be available to pretty much anyone in 2018.   They could even print it out if they preferred.
The key question is quality of information. The media is not so important.

When restricting thinking about two forms of the same book, people have preferences. Some are more technical, some are less. The more the device resembles a book with respect to practical use, the more it will be accepted.

Frankly, a decent second-hand eBook reader may be quite cheap. When filling it with thousands books, the information will definitely cheaper than paper book. And the dimensions will be smaller than one paper book.

On the other hand, when personal computers started (various forms), the things like "paper-less office" was predicted. However, printers got cheap too... and you can see more paper around than it was usual earlier.

But back to the core. The quality of the information is more important than the form. The internet helps to spread crap. When the books were more expensive, the quality was better in general.
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beavoidSelf EmployedAuthor Commented:
Hi mods

This new question grading format is lame. The selections don't work. The "yes! This is my solution" highlights, but cant be selected.
What is everyone doing now?

Another thing to teach about books is also not related to the media. Possibly, the children (and up) should be given the questions: "Why learning through books is important? What is the inherent 'quality' of a book that other media do not have?"
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
One other question to consider is if you are planning to use a book that may be copyrighted and you digitize it or photocopy it will that cause you or the school some legal issues.  You may want to read the copyright laws first.  I know most schools have some ability to get around that these days with an all encompassing license.  But I am no copyright law attorney.  So use your own judgment or seek legal help if needed.

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How do I close a question now? Mods

A total nimrod redesigned the question grading. The grading options don't remain selected, and there is no 'finished' button. wth?
@Wakeup: Yes. This is the symptom of a sick society -- making illegal everything that you do not pay for. And to get help, you need to pay for it, because the law is so complex that an ordinal person cannot know it.
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Grading system has become apparent
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
You are welcome.  Glad be able to help.
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