to conveert to normal text

Aswin Kumar
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1533129675000047000137000212000136000072000161000012000057  to convert it into normal text
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ste5anSenior Developer

As requested:


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For anything else: does encoding, encryption or obfuscation play a role here? Maybe some obscure datagram structure?

And: why don't you tell us about it? Guessing is pretty hard sometimes..
Andy MIT Systems Manager

Will need more info.

What is the number relating to and what do you mean by normal text? At present it's just a number sequence but without knowing what it's supposed to be it would be difficult to assist.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware Developer

If you want to test whether you found a good encryption scheme, testing this by posting a short example will not verify the quality of that. The general rule of thumb is, don't invent something yourself, we have very good peer-reviewed algorithms.

And if you take a very short unknown text you can easily have "success", that even cryptography experts won't be able to decrypt this, but that's proving nothing.

Bye, Olaf.

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