Query Builder tools (my manager is driving me nuts!)

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This is related to the question I asked here. Mark Wills and Chinmay had great input.


I looked at the links Mark has in the question above. My manager is going round and round.

We have a Query Builder custom page that the ex-developer built. I've cleaned it up a lot. Just one more section that needs to be changed (ex-developer has hardcoded IDs and I need to change that).  I'm taking Mark's advice and just cleanup one more section and take the approach of "it works".
Now, my manager says we need to look at a 3rd party tool.
Things to consider.
a. it has to be part of our website. User can't open a new tool. It has to sit on our data and integrated into our website Like drop-in controls..similar to Telerik maybe (I've used Telerik and it wasn't felxible)
b. User searches something somewhere else in the code , for example, for an invoice. We want to save that query for the user and plug it in the reports page and automatically bring up the report
c.  We need to adapt this code and make it work for other sections. For example, it works for "Assets". Now we need to make it dynamic enough to work for "Invoice" section of site.
d. My manager is in a rush. Geez.

I looked at EasyQuery that Mark mentions https://korzh.com/easyquery

Is there a Query Builder tool that's like controls...we can drop into our website and customize it for our needs above?  I'll look at the Easy Query sample code and see what I can find.
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Not sure, if your looking for net application builder , with model/database first,

Look at

Let me see. Thanks. It has to be integrated into our .net application. I'll look at your link.
No, that's not what I'm looking for. I'll go thru Mark's link again.
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Hi Camillia;

Take a good look at the link that @Pravin Asar posted it does look like what you are looking for. Look at the bottom of the page "SEE EASYQUERY IN ACTION" which are demos you can interact with. They have a Try it, "Free trial with dedicated technical support", how can you go wrong.

Thanks. Let me take a look again

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