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I am trying to create a testing. Database1 instance of a database with SQL Authentication which was previously set on Windows Authentication and  dbo.
I have a Audit trial set on the StoredProcedures .
 The Audit Trial table (Table_Debug) has credential susername.

Query used in the Stored Procedure is
Insert into Table_Debug(sql)
After execution of the above query the entry in the table is like:


SQL                                                Username  
"Select * from table1"                 "Network\Username"

Now after setting as the new database instance as  testing. Database1

The above query gives result as

SQL                                                Username  
"Select * from table1"                 "testing.Database1"

Any suggestion on how to get the user name who is connected to the Database.
Any change I can do on the credentials of the table.

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Senior Software Developer
I suspect you're currently using either USER_NAME or CURRENT_USER to obtain the user name. The issue here is that it's entirely possible to have a login that has sysadmin permissions and doesn't actually have a mapped user to the database in question. You probably want to use SYSTEM_USER instead. That will return the LOGIN if the user name is not available.


Perfect!!!Exactly what I was looking for ....thanks a ton mate!!
Russ SuterSenior Software Developer

Glad I could help. :)

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