Lost mysql username password, but i have codeigniter script working on my ubuntu

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I have a vps server with mysql apache andphp installed, and working codeigniter php script.
I have the SSh password. but I lost my phpmyadmin uername password.
What can I do?
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You can reset it to a new password given that you have admin or root access, but you cannot recover the lost one. if you have the source of the codeigniter script you could check if the password is somewhere there in plaintext, if the codeigniter pwd and your is not the same one, you can  try to copy the encrypted password from the codeigniter account in the passwords table and copy it exactly to your user account password field, then use for your account the same pwd you use in codeigniter.


yes i have the source code of the codeingiter, that's why i want help find the lsot password and username of db in the source.
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Well you don't really require your PMA password. You can go through a PMA password reset + no real point.

Every MariaDB/MySQL install normally saves the database root password somewhere. Usual candidates...



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Just use one of these + you'll have access to all databases.

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