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I have a couple servers on the same subnet as another server that are currently powered off.

Both of these servers have Wake on LAN enabled.

What are the best Windows utilities to use to send Wake on LAN packets to wake up the two servers that are currently powered off?
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You can try with any of the following free software,

SolarWinds FREE WOL Utility
Magic Packet
Aquila Tech
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
I use WOL Magic Packet Sender

The Nirsoft one can be found here

Note that these utils come in all sorts of sizes, the one I use is only 44 Kb.  I'd recommend studying the various features of the ones suggested and see what ones appeal to you.
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You always ask for what is the best. For many things i.e. WOL they all do the exact same thing. In many cases, there is only what works for you.  A function that you find indispensable with I may not need or require.  So there again in many cases, there is no BEST but a best for you.

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