Do we need to maintain same server name and ip address etc ?

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Dear EE,

We have licensed EAServer 6.3.1 software available.

Now we want to relocate our EAServer machine from one location to another. (Geographic relocation).

Please help us to confirm whether same EAServer license will work or we have to request SAP for another license.

As per our understanding EAServer license is bind with Server MAC Address.

Do we need to maintain same server name and ip address etc ?

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David FavorFractional CTO
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This is a question better posed to vendor where you purchased your EAServer license.

Someone might know this answer off the top of their head + if you ask your vendor, you may receive a faster + more correct answer, based on your specific license acquisition.
Dear All,

SAP has asked us to send our license to them they will update it w.r.t Host name for relocation of server.


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