Netowk Ping MS value high

We have identified one PC having more than 20 ms to application server  .  All the other machine look ok with the same time to mention serevrs . Only one ping replay going more than 40 ms . How can we monitor the  network card fault in a large network  . Is there any way of monitor via network monitoring tool ?
And the other two thing i need to confirm are
that fault network card PC can Couse the Network FDe ?
Local Are network  ping  ms value shuld below 10 ? or can be go up due to the nature of the serevr like Application / exchange ?
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Alex GreenProject Systems EngineerCommented:
wireshark would do what you want. However you need to check the network card settings, check the BIOS version etc etc.

Is this causing you any issues or?
curAuthor Commented:
we have been experiencing some slowness from the application servers . these application servers are   connected to DB server  . In random times users are complaining web application responding time is very high . web browser level rotation few  sec/minutes  and   then application is responding  .
Application team is passing the ball to network and network team is passing the ball to application . for my personal  observation is from the client to serever 1 ms most of the time  . when the system get that slow ness from the client end ,when we check the ping result shows 2 to 10 ms  in the client end .it may be due the application is not responding to the client PC ( this is IIS based application serevr )

how we can move forward on this
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
You'll require checking many places continuously to determine where problem actually exists.

Continuously monitor...

1) Ping times from all machines to each other.

2) Track database logs for slow queries + queries without indexes.

3) Track disk i/o on all machines (I recently had a weird performance problem + tracked it down to a one faulty network accessible disk).

4) If any machines are swapping (running out of memory + using disk).

5) You can also write scripts or use h2load or ab (ApacheBench) to continually load test your Apps with synthetic traffic. This can allow you to record exact time slices where your App slows down, which my surface a pattern when data points are graphed.

And 2ms-10ms is very fast.
Have you tried changing the port that the problematic machine is connected to? If the ping suddenly gets better, then you know it's an issue within the path to the switch. Could involve cabling, patch panel, or switch port.

Otherwise, try working on checking the NIC card on the PC, then checking things within the OS itself.
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