Sniffing Network Traffic

I want to sniff network traffic from my firewall to our SIP Cloud provider.  I have not used wireshark much.  Can someone give me simple rundown of how to do this?

I just downloaded the lates version of wireshark.
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I would be careful about it, there is a possibility that sniffing voice traffic is violating at least some company's policies, if not illegal in your country. To record phone calls involved parties should allow it, otherwise, it could lead to lawsuit.
tike55Author Commented:
COuld I run wireshark from my workstation?  Or should I install it on the dhcp windows server at the jobsite? or  [dumb question] can it be installed on the firewall?
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You will need to mirror traffic from port that you want to capture to some other port and then record traffic on that port (or on some remote port).
Yes, you can install it on your workstation/laptop. Then, plug yourself into the same switch as the intended source, mirror the source's port to the one your laptop is connected to and start sniffing. Just make sure it is ethical and legal as someone mentioned.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
If your firewall is linux based, you may use tcpdump to capture the traffic and copy the file(s) to a workstation with wireshark installed.
tike55Author Commented:
I want to capture UDP traffic.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
Thanks for the grade. Good luck!
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