Could you point how to populate Magento 1.9.x with data - insert table contents?

Eduardo Fuerte
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Hi Experts

Could you point how to populate Magento 1.9.x with data - insert table contents?

The database is correctly created but the tables are empty, making it dificult to start.

The data template that was given only reacreates the table structures without any data inside.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Eduardo a typical workflow to import data would be:

System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles -> Export All Products:
Profile Wizard -> Store and choose your store
Under Data Transfer select local / remote server
make sure CSV / Tab Separated is selected and save the profile
Open Run Profile tab and click Run
export_all_products.csv will be created and will be empty but with all the commas or separators you need

then you open that file in excel or other editor and fill in all the data
save  the file with a name  like for example  "myproducts.csv" in text format

now to import:
Go to the Magento administrator area and choose System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles -> Import All Products
select the store, separator , type,  etc.
choose upload file
after uploading your file click import all products
the run profile
select the file you just uploaded
then click run profile in the popup

Here is the official magento docs regarding usage of csv files for import/export data
Managing Data Transfer
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and Analyst


Hi arana

I don't know if we are aligned.
What I meant is to use the sample data obtained at Magento's site:
Change the correspondent folders at the original Magento's instalation, before to install it and after the instalation run the SQL...

script (I don't know is I'm not misunderstanding something).

The goal is to obtain that template and data:
Instead of the clean default data:
Developer and Analyst
This site explains how to correctly to do that (by using Ubuntu, easily correspondence with Windows)
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and Analyst


I guess your informations will be probably intersting in the future when I get more experience with Magento.

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