I want to be a Merchant and learn about this service.

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I signed up for costco membership in person at the costco store giving my united states state id.
I thought costco stored information by recording my state id number.

But when I used my costco membership number to sign up for costco.com online I was asked questions about my credit report.  
Where were you living in 1990?
a b c d choices.

In this example I am the consumer.
But I would like to be the merchant using customer state id.
Do you have examples of websites offering this service?
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If I understand you're asking about how to be a merchant, where your products are sold through Costco.

If this is correct, you'll contact Costco + go through their vendor approval process... which is very stringent + will require you prove how many units of product you can provide along with a long term plan, with contingencies, about how you will maintain production levels.


Looking at my question again,
I asked to be a costco merchant.
Thank you for your answer.

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