IS noSQL a better choice when considering sharding

Need experts view on the following line  -
Most NoSQL solutions however are built with the assumption that the data does not fit on a single machine and hence have sharding builtin.

Is it that noSQL solutions have easier or better sharding capabilites than relational databased like mysql ?

And should one use noSQL always in case of sharding ?

Rohit BajajAsked:
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it is better to consider on example.
Mongo is noSQL solution. Look these articles:

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Relational databases also offer sharding. I know for sure Oracle does (not by default though), MySql also does as well (again, not by default I think). I am not sure if NoSql databases have better sharding capabilities or not, I still haven't seen a comparison of NoSql Sharding vs RDBMS Sharding.

And should one use noSQL always in case of sharding ?

It depends. Sharding exists naturally in RDBMS, when you do a JOIN this is essentially sharding. But I guess you're talking about sharding as in different physical machines. You should use NoSql if transactions and ACID is of no concern to your application, not just sharding.
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