Need for GlusterFS for distributed bigdata services running in a kubernetes managed environment

Tej Luthra
Tej Luthra used Ask the Experts™
Hello.. what type of storage architecture would be most useful for kafka, zookeeper running in a kubernetes and containerized environment. Would glusterfs that manages storage persistence, replication, resiliency, and HA be an overkill when the distributed bigdata services do this on their own anyway? We're debating internally why glusterfs would be needed for distributed bigdata systems like Cassandra, Mongo, Kafka, Zookeeper, etc. Thus trying to keep the architecture simpler. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts or experience to share that would help us a bit also.
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1) Amount of data you'll be managing.

2) Type of workload (primarily read, primarily write, mixed).

3) Type of clients accessing data - like browsers or API service.

4) Typical amount of data returned each client access.

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