Installing NEW Windows 7 Partition on a Mac via Bootcamp

I have an early 2008 Mac Pro tower (upgraded Ram & Video) using El Capitain plus a Bootcamp 6.01 Win7 installation on a Separate internal HDD.

I want to install a new Win7 partition on my Mac OS HDD (250 GB of free space) while maintaining my existing Win7 installation on its separate drive.

Thus, I will end up with 2 BootCamp Win7 partitions, one new and the other old and worn out.

My purpose is to create a Fresh Win7 installation to which I will gradually copy and reinstall 10 years of Docs & Applications from my existing over-taxed Win7.

Where do I begin?  I assume I need to create a new Bootcamp partition on my Mac OS HDD, currently a single partition.

Just not sure of the best way to go about that without screwing up either my Mac OS or existing Win7 installation and data!


Scott AndrewsRetiredAsked:
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Bootcamp assistant only allows you to create a single bootcamp partition for your use.  You'll have to manually create the additional partition using DiskUtility.  Once created, you will need to manually boot from your Windows 7 installation media.  From there, you will need to identify the correct partition to install to.

If you want slightly easier control over your boot partitions after you've installed, you could use rEFIt
Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Only a single Bootcamp... even if my initial Bootcamp partition is on a separate HDD? I thought that would give me an opportunity for two.

So I create a new 50G or so NTFS partition from free space on my Mac OS HDD using DU and install Win7 from original media?

But where do I get all the drivers? Sounds like the new partition never gets into Bootcamp? Thanks
You will need to download the bootcamp drivers and install them manually.  You will have limited functionality until you install the drivers, but it should function sufficiently for you to navigate to the driver media and install it.

Version 5.

Version 4.
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Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Just noticed that the listing of supported Macs under Version 5 in your Link does not include a Mac Pro Early 2008.

BTW, is there any other way I can keep my existing Win7 Partition (accessible but not active) while creating a new one?

What about pulling it from my Mac, installing a new HDD in its place for the new Win7 install, then putting the old Win7 HDD in a docking station?

I also have a 2nd NTFS partition on my existing Boot Camp HDD which I use for backup. Also, a few extra HDD's. internal and external?

Does that help?

I just don't want to destroy my existing Win7 installation until I have pulled everything i need from it (files, apps, contacts, bookmarks) and installed on my new drive, up and running.
Try version 4.

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Scott AndrewsRetiredAuthor Commented:
Version 5 showed all compatible Macs. Version showed none. Turns out they were buried in a link. tks
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