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I am confused about where MDM for Office 365 (free version) and in tune is accessed and configured from. At present I am managing mobile devices via on premise exchange as I am in hybrid with 365. The on prem policies seem to sync to 365 so all is good. I want to start using the MDM features that come with 365 (Not Intune). The bit that confuses me is in tune. This is a paid license and while I understand the great benefits I only want to use the standard Office 365 MDM.
I want my users to get a prompt to enrol their device when they add email (perhaps this is an intune feature?) What console should I be using to do this? I have all the certs etc setup as I did a POC with a previous vendor for in Tune.

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Omar NahhasSolutions Expert (Azure and Infrastructure Architect) / Microsoft & Rapidus (Managed Service)

Hello Sid_F,
to access Office365 MDM features sign-in with your tenant global admin and click this URL, for configuration and setup please follow this one.

For Intune go to and search for Intune.


I get the first step, the bit that's confusing me is that the device shows up under 365 MDM devices but also shows up under In tune in the Azure portal.
Solutions Expert (Azure and Infrastructure Architect) / Microsoft & Rapidus (Managed Service)
that because the mobile devices will be saved in azure AD and both have access to them and both do use the same mobile device enrollment, what you should check is, which serves is your MDM Authority if this URL shows you the below screen shot then you have to change the MDM Authority following this article. if the Office365 MDM admin portal shows up and you can configure policy's just make sure that the devices being enrolled with Office 365 are retired form Intune, you cant enroll from both, and you need to retire the devices from the Intune Portal not just from the device.  


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