Logging for Cisco devices and radius setup.

Jay Smith
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I wanted to know how to configure a cisco router/switch to use a Kiwi or Solarwinds for logging purposes?  I also wanted to know how to configure Radius on Cisco devices as well?
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Sr. Network Engineer
For logging -

logging host x.x.x.x

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Config guide:


For radius - a basic walkthrough can be found here:

Andy BartkiewiczNetwork Analyst
Radius with MAC Bypass:

aaa authentication dot1x default group radius none
aaa authorization network default group radius none
radius-server host x.x.x.x auth-port 1812 acct-port 1646 key password

radius-server vsa send accounting
radius-server vsa send authentication
dot1x system-auth-control
authentication mac-move permit
ip radius source-interface Vlan1

switch mode access
authentication host-mode multi-auth
authentication port-control auto
authentication violation replace
dot1x pae authenticator
atlas_shudderedSr. Network Engineer


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