SQL server repair option on Node1 Cluster

what are the cautions we need take in SQL Server 2012 std( windows cluster 2012) and  Node1, Node2 are in cluster

as sql server 2012 sp4 patch upgrade we unable to install because of some installer files are missing, we tired to fix, but it is not working and  we are decided to go for SQL server Repair option on Node1

Pls let me know, what steps do i need to do..with a caution..on Node1

Pls note, once if it successful patched on sp4 on node2, after repair, then we will plan on node2.

Pls suggest. Thanks
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Is it a virtual environment? If it is I honestly would just stand up a 3rd node and have that updated, join to the cluster, and remove one of the two others. Do the same again so then you've got two "new" servers.

If it isn't then you may want to remove the node from the cluster, patch then rejoin. All doing backups of your data before making changes.

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bsarahimAuthor Commented:
It is vm I can't get another vm
Darran BrownDBACommented:
i've had this before when a drive letter has been changed that was used during install. i managed to find the path in registry and added a drive with that letter. updates then worked. But as above, best thing with clusters get everything working on node 2 and add another node or fix node 1.
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Darran BrownDBACommented:
if it helps justify, remember with vm, you're not using any cpu's or ram performance to begin with so should be possible unless other restriction. once you remove node1 and failover to new node 3, that's the only time new vm will be using host performance.
bsarahimAuthor Commented:
Pls dont propose me any other VM/Cloning,snapshot etc (anyways i will take this as a backup)

what are the technical issues will come during sql repair or reinstall on sql server 2012 on Node1, your experiences matters. Pls share thanks
Darran BrownDBACommented:
Technical issues will be that there is no failover during repair/fix of node 1. Adding a 3rd node keeps redundancy. Otherwise remove node 1 and repair/ reinstall.
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