Save all screenshots to One Drive for Business Pictures folder

How can I save all screenshots to my One Drive for Business Pictures folder?

I have noticed that this feature isn't available like it is for One Drive (see the URL below).

I have switched over to using One Drive for Business and don't want to have to set up a separate One Drive account simply to be able to save screenshots to my personal One Drive Pictures folder.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Assuming that the Screenshots are going into the Photos folder as designated by Windows. If not, simply substitute the folder you use now in the descriptions below. I will also say that if your folders ever grow beyond 2GB, there is a high likelihood you will have many sync issues, especially if you are replicating across more than one computer. Been there - Done that...

You can make your entire Photos folder the sync folder. But in doing this, you will not be able to sync anything else.

You can create another OneDriveBusiness Site (Depending on the type of account you have, you may or may not be able to do this) and then sync the new site to your existing Pictures folder. This allows you to have multiple sync points of entry.

You can add the OneDriveBusiness Photos folder to your Photos Library:
2018-08-15_17-33-13.jpg2018-08-15_17-28-33.jpgThis method means that you have to place the photos directly into the folder designated.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
The problem is that when I press the Print Screen button on any of my three Windows 10 computers the screenshots are no longer automatically saved to a file.

All that I want is for my screenshots to be saved to file automatically.

Currently, I have to manually paste the screenshots into an application such as MSPaint and then save them.

I want the entire process to be automated once again so that when I take screenshots these files are automatically saved.

How can this be done?
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Windows has never saved to file automatically. I am guessing you are using the CTRL-PrtScrn to do this?
To go to file, you must use any application that will allow for that functionality.

I use One Note which offers that option:
I also use SnagIt which has a way to do it but it requires a setup I do not wish to implement for demo purposes.
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Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
In Windows 8 and higher, the Windows+PrtSrcn button does save a file to the MyPictures-->Screenshots folder automatically. This was an oversight.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Alright, I clicked on the "Set default location..." option and then the "Set Location in OneNote" section opens (see below).

How can I define or set up a folder location for these screenshots to be saved to?

Set Location in One Note
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Sorry, I made an assumption that would allow you to save to file but it appears it allows you to save to a specific OneNote Document. I again was not ready to reconfigure my system to demo.

Are you Windows 8 or higher? The Windows+PrtScreen trick works pretty well.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I am a Windows 10 user.

I just tried and have found that the  Windows+PrtScreen trick is very effective.

However, I often want to capture just the active Window (which can be done by holding down the ALT-Print Screen button to copy to the clipboard).

Are there any keyboard shortcuts available with the Windows+PrtScreen trick that will save only the active window to a file?
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Not that i am finding. Just the full capture. Just for giggles, try Windows÷Alt÷PrintScreen.
I doubt it but worth a shot.

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you can use the snipping tool for that  - make  a hotkey to launch it if yiou wantthen you can set the timer to say 2-5 sec, and pop up the window you want when taking the shot
it is in Start> Accessories
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
Lots of free apps that make this easy. I use "greenshot". You can set all this up exactly how you want very easily.
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