how to remove file from sudores.d folder

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In ubuntu 16:
it's added a wrong file in /etc/sudores.d/ folder.
I can't do sudo form any user. I can't do any thing.
How can I remove this file from folder sudores.d.
can I remove file if I login in as recover mode?

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You can try to boot using init=/bin/bash on the kernel command line.
Then  when the shell prompt appears: rm /etc/sudoers.d/offending.file
(You may still need to remount the root filesystem rw   mount -o remount,rw /)
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su -

and login with the root password

on console, login with root.


Thank you noci, extremely Helpful.
nociSoftware Engineer
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It might help to assign a secure  long password to the root account and then lock that password is a sealed enveloppe in a vault.
Secure is f.e. generated using: pgwen 25

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