Hive, How to Search using Column Name for all table in the DB that contain that Column Name?

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Hive. How can I search for all tables in a database that contain a Column Name?
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I don't know Apache Hive, but from what I read it stores metadata in a different database (Derby by default) you need to connect to separately, at least with 2.3 ( I could not find anything in the release notes of 3.0 about a change.
ain the repository you should have the standard information_schema views available to retrieve table and column info as with other databases.
NerdsOfTechTechnology Scientist

I'm wondering if your version allows:

 WHERE COLUMN_NAME IN ('columnNameSearch')
     AND TABLE_SCHEMA='YourDatabase';

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Hive metadata is stored in databases like MySQL. If you have access, you can query that.
Otherwise, you need to get that with hive queries like  hive -e "use dbname; describe formatted table_name"
You need to write custom shell script to get this info and check if specified column is there. Of course, the command has to be executed in a loop for all tables. let me know if you need any help further.

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