How to recover Thunderbird email for just one account from a Carbonite copy?

C: drive croaked.  Finally gave up and started with a from-scratch installation of Windows 10.  All programs, OS, etc, on C:, all data on other logical drives.  This notebook has 1TB of SSD, partitioned.  So far so good.  However I managed to delete essentially all email from one Thunderbird account; the other four are fine.  Email is IMAP style.  But deleted an entire set for one account, so the server did too.  Carbonite has a complete copy of the entire Thunderbird folder (it has started over with my new installation), so looking for how to "simply" get all of the INBOX emails for one of the five accounts and import or copy them into my current TBird environment.  Spent some time with the Carbonite folk; not much help.  I did reinstall Carbonite, so I have the Carbonite Backup drive which they claim has the old file in it.  I suppose the Carbonite "drive" is just an interface to all the data that is actually at their end.  So I have about 3K email I need to recover from Carbonite, get into "new" Thunderbird.  The old version is due to be deleted soonish, so some urgency.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAsked:
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Because IMAP is really just a browser service looking at what is on the email server, you may be SOL; but, here is Mozilla's article on backing up and restoring email:

If the profile folder on the backup is basically empty, your only hope may be to get the server restored for that account.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
OK, new situation.  I got the whole TBird folder from Carbonite.  I found a utility that said it would convert the old files to TB files suitable for import.  However the tech guy (on line) went through it for me and determined that Carbonite saves in a different file format, so the system failed.  However, it just occurred to me, that before the crash I had Backup4All running daily, and I have a complete snapshot of the Thunderbird folder, which should be unaltered, just copied.  But I was not making nightly copies of C:, just D: thru G:.  So my question would be, can I get the entire Thunderbird folder copy into a profile?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Again, MAPI may do you in because none of the email is typically saved locally; you are just viewing what is out on the server.
If you had multiple email accounts (AKA profiles), you ought to be able to simply copy the contents of the old profile to the new one using that article I already posted; no conversion needed.
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Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Nope; I always kept a local copy of all of my email.  But profiles were kept on C:, and I did not back up my C: files.  I did make weekly True Image images of C:, but that broke, which is why I had to do a clean install of Windows 10.  So what I would need to do is work backwards; make a profile based upon the folders.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Thunderbird, by default, keeps all of the local mail in those profile folders and, if they were included in the Carbonite backup settings, should be part of what can be restored.  The tricky part is that Thunderbird generates the profile number when the account is created and that is then part of the folder name which is why I said to copy the contents of the folder rather than the folder itself; the new profile folder names will be different.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Did you ever get anywhere with this?
I am being asked to close the question.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
Never did.  Very frustrated that I have the email, but without the Profile under which they were created there is not some procedure or add-on or paid-for utility that can examine the emails and reverse engineer a profile for it.  I'm not clever enough to do it myself.  So I guess close; does not appear that there will be a solution brought forwardl
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Then close the question and delete it if that's what you think is appropriate.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
I don't see where to either close or delete.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The available options ought to be what happens if you click the 3 dots at the bottom of the box where you enter text.
Mike CaldwellConsultant to IP industryAuthor Commented:
I get the three dots on the last comment, nothing on new.  On the last statement I have to delete, etc, that comment but no option to delete the entire question.

I appreciate your time.  Can't I just accept one of your comments and award the points?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
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