Can magento be geographically restricted?

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We migrated an old site to Magento community edition, we have a pop up that comes once you hit the site, so we can offer products if people subscribe. The issue we are having is that we are getting a lot of russian text in the form. Is there a way in Magento, to not allow any other language but english? Also, can we setup the frame to only accept data entry from US and Canada, we do not sell anywhere else, but do not mind people looking at the pages.
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You can try adding CAPTCHA to your form, and that way eliminate all the spam that you are receiving through your form submissions. That should solve your issue, and you will not need to restrict your form to a particular language.

There are plenty of extensions that can do this for you (some premium, some free) so you should not have any problems getting this done.


I tried enabling Captcha, the issue is that Magento only supports version 1, which is already not supported. The lowest version supported is version 2, you pointed me in the right direction though.

Martin NguyenHelpDesk Technician
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Hi felguerra,
Do these spam forms come from the same IP or country codes? You could try blocking form submission from those parameters to see if that helps reduce spam.

Hope this helps,

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