Noise cancelling headphones for server room

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Can someone recommend noise cancelling headphones for the server room?  Should be compatible with Android USB-C.  
I used aviation-grade noise cancelling headphones long time ago.  Forgot the model.  And that was a landline in my cage.  
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David FavorFractional CTO
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Hum... Why bother with any electronics.

Just get a set of high dB (decibels) cut headphones for firing weapons.

Your local sporting goods store will have a large selection. provides a 34dB cut... which will let you hear your heartbeat inside a jet engine... well... close to that...
I agree with David. When I go to my colo, right by the door are a pair of electronics-free headphones and they work very well. When I work there for hours at a time, I find that I don't need noise cancelling. The ear protection they provide is sufficient. I would expect a basic company server room is a LOT quieter than a colo facility which can have hundreds of servers, AC units and backup units all running together in one big room.
I recommend Plantronics. It is one of the best noise canceling headphones on the market today.


I agree in the Colo there are more things are going on. However, in the server room 10x10 if you put ten switches, two firewalls, and two UPS, and you're in the middle of it.. The effect could be similar if not worse.  

Chris, do you have a model number you would recommend for Plantronics?

Found something like this.  Not overly expensive and seems good noise cancellation.

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