Is TFTPD 64 by Ph. Jounin "legit" freeware TFTP?

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IYHO Is TFTPD 64 by Ph. Jounin legit freeware TFTP?  It seems to work good, but I am just wondering whether it could also be affiliated with some type of malware.
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TFTPD 64 is OK the 32 bit version will be flagged as malware

Yes, the only difference is the compilation process. The executables comes from the same source code which is completly released on this site.

However, I strongly recommend to use Tftpd64 because of antivirus behaviour: Tftpd32 has a bad rating for historical reasons (due to its minimal footprint, tftpd32 was embedded in the mid-2000 by a real virus for transfer files), whereas it brother compiled in 64 bits has a excellent rating.
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I've used it for years (both tftpd32 and tftp64) without any problems at all.

Of course, I also only have it running when I need it.

But, it's totally legit.

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