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Exchange server email from remote raid controller

I have a client with an AMD raid controller and have configured RAIDXpert2 to send email messages from it. I have configured it to send over the internet to our exchange server 2016. The message gets sent but doesn't get to me. Looking at the Exchange server receive log I see the connection from the remote raid controller, I get Sender OK, RCPT TO: <my email address>, Recipient OK, then instead of the next line being DATA, I get RSET from the raid controller. The raid controller is on a Server 2016 server. It has to be something simple but I can't figure it out!! I have configured  RAIDXrert2 with no username or password and it is sending on port 25. (I can see the connection come through the Untangle box). I get email messages from other remote devices OK so I am puzzled.

Extra Info: The same server uses Cloudberry backup server and is emailing me every day.
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I cannot answer this in the context specifically of Exchange. Are you sure that the RSET is coming from the raid controller and not some security software sitting in front of your Exchange server? From my reading, RSET would not really be sent by an SMTP client but is often used by security or spam filtering software to interrupt a session. Have you ensured that the IP address that the raid controller is using has been fully authorised on your Exchange server, security, and filtering systems?
You need anonymous relay connector. I assume you already have relay connector setup, now you need to add this server IP into your relay connector. If i understood your query wrongly, let me know.
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Thank you both for your quick responses. The thing that is really getting me here is that the Cloudberry Server Backup sends its email exactly the same way, straight from the same client's server to our exchange server using port 25. No relay is needed because it is sending directly to our exchange server and acting as if it was another mail server on port 25. Cloudberry works, maybe RAIDXpert2  just doesn't.
It may well be that there is a problem with the RAIDXpert2 controller firmware's email implementation, but SMTP is so simple that I feel that something else is involved here. Scanning the web does make mention of people having issues with it but I could not find a clear match for what you are experiencing.

Does the RAID card have an option to send using secure SMTP and to provide authentication details? If so, you could try that. If that works, it rather re-confirms my suspicion that the email is being rejected by either the server or something in between, since most security tools would be more forgiving or authenticated secure SMTP. It could also demonstrate that the RAID card has an issue when sending non-secure SMTP but is OK with secure SMTP, in which case the problem is at least worked around.

This is one situation where I would probably monitor the traffic that is passing between the devices to see what is happening. Examination of the network packets would help confirm what is happening.

Have you been in touch with AMD to ask their opinion?
Thank you Martyn, I try its secure option and see if that works. Might be a couple of days before I can report back.
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