What are the best inexpensive Network hardware and software inventory tools available?

Thomas Anthony
Thomas Anthony used Ask the Experts™
I would like to resurrect an old question since it is about four years old. I am looking for a good network system inventory tool that doesn't break the bank. I really like the PDQ inventory tool however the $500 /year price mark makes it difficult for a small 20 user firm like us. I could probably swallow half that.
I have looked into the original post at: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28570579/Best-and-Free-tool-for-Network-PC's-hardware-software-inventory.html
and the Spiceworks doesn't seem to work for us for some reason.
Are there any other suggestions that are newer products?
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I am not an expert on network query tools,  but would be glad to assist you.

First, it is unclear what you wish to achieve.  If you just want a basic inventory why not run something like winaudit on each windows box? If you only need very basic information,  mylanviewer.  For more extensive cross platform information,  nmap or nmap for windows (don't run it on printers)

If you need further help,  let me know and i would be happy to alert other experts.

Tom Zucker-Scharff
EE Solution Guide
For Network Hardware such as switches and routers, rancid

When you say that spiceworks no longer works for you, do youmean that your spiceworks install is broken ?
Michael RojekDigital Marketing and WebDev

The freeware NetCrunch Tools 2.0 offers some very useful hardware scanners and network tools

splash page of freeware netcrunch tools 2.0
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Thomas AnthonySecurity Administrator


MyLanViewer is a good choice but I run into the same issue on it. It is $400 as apposed to PDQ Inventory's $500 that would be my original choice. To answer what I am looking to achieve, it is pretty much what MyLanViewer and PDQ do but the yearly cost is just too much for a small business like ours. I am not trying to be cheap but when we only have a few hosts, it makes it difficult to justify. If PDQ was back around it's original $250 p/year, we could probably do it.

I don't want everything to be free as I know the cost of developing software. I just wish there was someone developing something with the small business in mind. To answer the Spiceworks question, no, it just sits during the install and never completes. I tried to install the same software a few years ago on another machine and had the same issue. I didn't fiddle with it as most other products had no problem installing.
Thanks for your replies.
Security Administrator
Doesn't sound promising that there is much out there under $500. Thanks so much for your advise. I will just put this on my wish list for the next few years.
Thanks again.
Have you tried using NMap?  The windows version with it's GUI is fairly powerful, and the software is free.
Thomas AnthonySecurity Administrator


Yes. I have NMap. Thank you.
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Did you ever look at the free version of PDQ? But also, if the paid version suits your needs that well AND saves you a lot of effort, I would push to make a strong business case for it. Connectwise Automate is a tool that I've never minded, but I don't know if it would fit within whatever you might want to budget.

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