Help / Documentation API / Solutions for Web Apps Projet.


I'm looking on expert suggestion. I found several options, but maybe someone will guide me for proper solutions.

I'm building severals web apps, and each apps, need a Help. I don't want spending time building an engine / framework for my help. Do you know an API / System I can integrate with easily with my web apps. Here's my requirements.....

  • Search, I want only to add a search box in my apps and this will call an API to search the "Online" system
  • Easy Interface for Creating Article / Help Page an Editor basically (can be a look and feel like WorkPress)
  • Possibility to add Image, Documents, Large Files (Video)
  • Online / Hosted preferably Offline option can also be consider
  • If possible, Security UserName / Password for users to access the Help (Not mandatory)

Some Ticketing System (ZenDesk, Zoho, ...) offert similar feature but it's not a full framework for help...

Anything exist on the market ?.... an Online Wikipedia with a Search API....

Free or Not, I want to check the options.

Thanks for sharing.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
A simple to implement feature I use for my custom web apps is to add a help link on the navigation. Using server side code, you know which page the user is on before the nav loads.  This means you can have a link like <li><a data-page="abc123">Help</a></li> or <li><a href="abc123">Help</a></li>. From there you can use js code to open a modal that has the help content.  

When the modal or page opens, I have a link to edit the help file for that page and allow the user to update the help file.

To update the help file, I just use a wysiwyg editor like tiny in full window mode.

  • This way, any user can get help on the page they are on without having to search (which does not always work or is easy).  
  • The users can also update the help page in a manner and language they understand to do what they need.
  • Because the file is in your logged in view, you don't have to worry about non logged in users.
  • If you are using user levels, you can set specific levels to allow editing. I have never had to do that though.
  • It is minimal coding and about the same as if you had to read through a 3rd party api.
  • If you need to have a list of help files, you can just report it out with a query.
Chinmay PatelChief Technical NinjaCommented:
Hi J,

i have not used this solution in favor of custom help pages(based on  for a long long time but way back I was a BIG fan of

It is a not a free software, and might be an overkill for your requirements.

Similarly, you might want to look into:

If you are looking for real fancy soltuions, Macromedia's Robodemo (Now Adobe Captivate) beats everyone hands down(IMHO):

JAuthor Commented:
JAuthor Commented:

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