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How do I find out what is creating these backups to Azure?

I just deployed a change yesterday to a couple of servers so the backups are now being written to Azure Blob Storage.  Everything tested well, and looked good -- until today.  I am seeing FULL backups running hourly -- that I am not running.  I am also seeing  transaction log backups coming in more frequently -- that I am also not running.  I have queried the backup history and can see that the FULLs are all copy_only backups -- but again, I have no idea what is running  them.

This is the URL that I am targeting with the backup command to write the files, and I have confirmed the ones I expected were written to this location:
 @URL = ''

This is where all of the other backups are being written:

How do I find out what is creating these backups?
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This tells me I have managed backups -- completely unaware of this.  How do I disable/stop these managed backups?

USE msdb;
SELECT db_name, is_managed_backup_enabled, retention_days, storage_url, encryption_algorithm
FROM smart_admin.fn_backup_db_config(NULL)
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Can you please run a SQL command like below to see if any SQL Job is running those backups?

SELECT  js.database_name as DatabaseName,
                 jobs.Name as JobName,
                 js.step_id as StepID,
                 js.step_name as StepName,
                 js.command as StepCommand
FROM     msdb.dbo.sysjobs as jobs
                INNER JOIN msdb.dbo.sysjobsteps as js ON jobs.job_id = js.job_id
WHERE  --jobs.[enabled] = 1 AND
js.command LIKE  '%backup%'
ORDER BY jobs.Name,js.step_id
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The managed_backup objects do not exist in msdb.  None of the options on that reference are usable.   It is v2014.
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Maybe this.  EXEC smart_admin.sp_set_db_backup @database_name='Adventure Works 2014' ,@enable_backup=0;
Back shortly with status.
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Yes, lcohan, I saw that, and i tried them both unsuccessfully.  It was not until afterward that I realized the managed_backup objects did not exist in the msdb.  The smart_admin objects do, and I used this to successfully disable the managed backups on all of the databases:

EXEC smart_admin.sp_set_db_backup @database_name='XXXXX',@enable_backup=0;

Though I found the answer myself, I appreciate you taking a look.