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Need a WiFi label printer

Need a WiFi label printer

I do not like messing with Avery labels on a single sheet, passing it through my laser printer.

A sheet with 24 labels may need to pass through 24 times, causing the label to become dark. It just does not suit me.

I need standard label sizes and hope to set it up using WiFi and always loaded with blank labels, so I can just print.

What designs meet this need?

I expect to use Word to print the labels.
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What kind of research have you done?  A simple google search has yielded several options, including a DYMO LabelWriter for $150 from Staples.
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Brother QL810W

But what's most important is what are your requirements exactly? There are other options such as what Lee and John provided. But also, your intended industry and purpose are going to strongly influence what you're looking at.
try HP printing solutions.
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You are very welcome and I was happy to help.