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Install SBS2011 on Dell Poweredge 2011

Trying to Install SBS2011 on a Dell Poweredge T160. Have created Raid 10 boots from CD but freezes at WPEINIT Cmd Prompt.
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Lee W, MVP
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Why are you installing direct to hardware?  Install Hyper-V Server 2016 and create a VM.  Install to the VM.  It's quite possible there are not sufficient drivers for Server 2008 R2 to run on new hardware, but by virtualizing, you don't have that problem.

Of course, this does beg the question, why are you installing a system that will be unsupported in less than 18 months?!  That's just not a good idea in general.
Ok, so I remember a series of Dell Servers T110, T130, I assumed T160 was a newer version... but googling, there is no such thing as a T160... do you mean a T610?  In which case, there could be hardware issues on an old server like that....
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Its a brand new T130 Server, we have software that will only run on SBS 2011 and also not prepared to pay for upgrading the Software and paying Microsoft for 2016. Im looking at ordering a PCI Raid card as the one thats build in is software based.
Virtualize.  But also test your throughput.  I had a client with Dell software RAID that was HORRID.  Performance WORSE THAN A DVD READ!  He was able to connect to onboard SATA and that did fine.
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Andrew Ceohan
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