VM is attached to a network portgroup VLAN that doesn't exist

Leigh Kalbli
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Ii have a host that was upgraded from esxi 5.5 to 6.5.0  After the upgrade, the host was rebooted.  The host uses standard switches. When trying to power on VM's give an error "This VM is attached to a network portgroup VLAN that doesn't exist. Edit this VM and attach it to a different network"  I can see the port groups in Networking. Should i try to delete the Port Group and recreate it or is there a different solution
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The virtual machine port groups should not have changed after the upgrade.

BUT, if they have just re-create the virtual machine portgroup, or make sure thre label matches, or reselect the portgroup in the VM settings, next to Network Interface.


It was really weird.  I ended up having to delete the network adapter and re add it.

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