Windows 10 black screen after i enter password.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5555 laptop. I did a windows 10 reset because the OS was really slow and thought it would be a good thing to do as it hasn't been done in a while. Now it's boots ok. I put in the password to the account and immediately the screen goes black with the mouse cursor. I try alt+ctrl+del  and then task manager but nothing happens. I read if i can get to task manager i can run explorer.exe or work with registry but I can't even get to task manager.
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Restart and look in the left lower corner. Is there another account you can try.

If that does not work try Shift+Restart to get into Safe Mode. Can you get into Safe Mode.

See below for added information.

Works for Windows 10 as well.
What Anti-Virus are you using?  

I know that Kaspersky endpoint protection can cause this if you upgrade your OS to windows 10 build 1803 prior to moving to endpoint protection version 11.
Robert RComputer Service Technician

It looks like the reimage of your computer some how failed, if you are just get a flashing cursor and you cant even access the task manager something is wrong. Try rebooting the computer if it still gives you a flashing cursor with no desktop icons or entering explorer. Something happened to the imaging process and it did not complete.   Just a thought is this just as the system was imaged and you did not install any drivers? Or you were able to log in and attempted to install drivers and now you just get a black screen with flashing cursor? if you attempted to install drivers and now it rebooted to a flashing cursor maybe the incorrect drivers were installed. Usually the driver will not install if it detects that the drivers are not for your model of computer. ..
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Could be drive letters being mixed up - a common problem with exactly these symptoms! What should be tried:

0 Download Setup using the mediacreation tool (create a bootable USB setup stick of win7, 8 or Win10)
1 boot setup to the language selection screen, press shift F10 so that a command line appears
2 launch the command regedit on that command line
3 in regedit, select the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click on the file menu and select "load hive" and navigate to the file c:\windows\system32\config\system and you'll be asked for a name, call it "offline"
4 within the offline branch that is now mounted below HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, navigate to the branch system and below it, delete "mounteddevices"
5 select the offline key again, go to the file menu and select unload hive.

After unloading, reset your computer and try to logon.
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I read if i can get to task manager i can run explorer.exe or work with registry but I can't even get to task manager.
What happens if you press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC

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