what is the function of the Link light on an AT&T uVerse DVD-R box?

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I have an AT&T uVerse DVD-R box which has a Link light on it which brings me to the point of this upcoming question.  What is the function of the Link light on the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box?  

           Just as supplemental information, my AT&T uVerse DVD-R box stores all of the live television recordings from our 3 different television sets.  Seeing that my AT&T remote is configured with my television set, each time I power off the television set, the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box also powers off.  But, the Link light stays on.  The connectors occupied on the back of this box include a power connector, an ethernet connector, and an HDMI connector.  

           In closing, any shared insights regarding the function or role of the Link light of the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box will be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box also powers off.  But, the Link light stays on.

The box doesn't really power off.  It continues operating but goes into a reduced power state.  According to the manual the "Link" LED indicates that it is receiving a video stream.  If it is on all the time, then I suspect that it would be more correct to say that this LED indicates that it is connected to an active LAN.  Removing the Ethernet cable from the back of the box should cause the "Link" LED to extinguish.

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Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
My understanding from AT&T is that it indicates that the box has a link to the UVerse service. I thought it was network link originally, but have seen it go off while still attached to a good network but not to Uverse, so I assumed it means linked to the service.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           Using the feedback given in reply to my question in conjunction with a technical discussion with an AT&T representative, it appears the the Link LED light is on because the DVD R box is receiving a signal from the modem used to connect with the internet.   The AT&T representative also said that the DVD R box should always be powered on to allow or permit storage onto its hard drive of television shows and movies from our 3 television sets.

           Thanks once again to the both of you for taking the time and effort in addressing my question.

Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
Agreed. The DVR is never really off, as it updates the guide data, gets software updates from time to time, and yes, might be recording a DVR show from one of the boxes. ATT can also send messages.

As a set top designer all the way back to the first days of broadband, this has not changed. Newer boxes do spin down drives to save power, but if I recall correctly  the Uverse box does not have a local storage device and they keep everything at the head end, so power usage is not so bad.

Best not to switch it off because the boot times are awful, and if the software is old, it will do an update before you can watch, which is annoying

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