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what is the function of the Link light on an AT&T uVerse DVD-R box?

Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I have an AT&T uVerse DVD-R box which has a Link light on it which brings me to the point of this upcoming question.  What is the function of the Link light on the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box?  

           Just as supplemental information, my AT&T uVerse DVD-R box stores all of the live television recordings from our 3 different television sets.  Seeing that my AT&T remote is configured with my television set, each time I power off the television set, the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box also powers off.  But, the Link light stays on.  The connectors occupied on the back of this box include a power connector, an ethernet connector, and an HDMI connector.  

           In closing, any shared insights regarding the function or role of the Link light of the AT&T uVerse DVD-R box will be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you


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