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Not receiving email from foreign client

Have a weird issue where we are not receiving emails from a foreign client (client is based in South Korea, we are US based) to our main DOMIAN.COM email accounts which are an Office 365 setup. We, however, are receiving emails from this client to our backup, DOMAIN.NET, account which is Google setup. Our client will send an email to the .COM address and copy the .NET address. We will receive the email in the .NET account. Checking the spam filters and log files there is no indication that the email ever reaches the O365 server meaning we would never know it was sent without the .NET backup.

I have checked the MX records on my name server, moved to a new name server, tested my domain and cannot find a reason as to why these inbound emails will not reach the server.
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Try using SWAKS to send a forged text message from your client, to your server's MX record.

So send to your .com MX record + .net MX record + check SMTP conversation, to ensure all's well.

If this works, then move onto checking the differences between your .com + .net configs, so for example, if the client sending to you has incorrect SPF + DKIM DNS records setup + your .net config has looser validation settings than your .com config, then your .net will allow message submission + your .com will bounce messages.

All this is fairly simple to debug + can take a very long time + there's no way to theorize about problems.

Test messages must be sent + MTA logs checked.

If this all sounds like Greek to you, best hire someone to assist you.
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2 questions, does other senders successfully send emails to your primary email address, and does the south Korean send get any bounce backs or NDRs?
Sounds like (a) there is GeoIP based filtering somewhere in the primary configuration, or (b) blacklisting you don't know about.  South Korea is a notable source of spam and both are possibilities.

Have the client send you a copy of a bounced message with all routing headers showing and that will probably illuminate the problem.
Dr. Klan makes a good point. Check both your .net + .com MTA + see if Geo blocking is turned on for one + turned off for the other.
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- As far as I know, they are not getting a bounce-back email when sending to the .COM domain, but I will ask to be sure.

- I inquired about a blacklist with the email host and they said they do not have one but I will double check with them.

- I don't think it would be a GEOIP filter as we have other SK clients where this does not happen.

- I will check the SWAKS stuff over the weekend and update when I have some other answers.
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