Symantec EV SSL to become distrusted in Chrome/Firefox soon.

Hi guys

In October, our Symantec EV SSL certificate will be dis-trusted in Chrome and in Firefox, meaning anyone who visits our website will get a certificate error before being able to browse the site. Not great for an ecommerce website!

The current EV SSL certificate is due to expire in December, but to avoid this issue, we’ll need to renew by October 16th at the very latest.

We have two options:

1.      Purchase a new EV SSL certificate from a different provider, such as Comodo.
2.      Switch to using the wildcard certificate that we have for our website. This will mean we no longer have an EV SSL certificate for .

Option number 2 is the cheapest and easiest option, but it means we lose our EV SSL certificate, including all of the security and visual elements of this (such as green browser bar). This apparently affects conversion, as greater customer trust in the website means they are more likely to buy.

Any alternatives or suggestions that you have?

Thank you
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
VeriSign, Thawte are also problematic, cause they are Symantec companies. Comodo had sever issues in the past.

When looking at the cert store in Windows, then I would consider using GeoTrust, GlobalSign or GoDaddy (cannot remember problems with these companies).

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Bhavesh PatelWeb AnalystCommented:
Yes, you heard right.

As per Mozilla Security Blog “In October 2018 (Firefox 63) – Distrust of Symantec root certificate for website server TLS authentication.” It means in upcoming Firefox version 63, the trust will be removed for all Symantec SSL/TLS certificates regardless of the date issued.

The last year of 2017, DigiCert acquired Symantec Corporation the business of providing and supporting Symantec’s Website Security and PKI products and services. All CAs like Thawte, Symantec, RapidSSL, and GeoTrust will be issued using DigiCert infrastructure starting at 1st DEC 2017.

Now, Let’s discuss your solutions or alternatives.

Question #1 Purchase a new EV SSL certificate from a different provider, such as Comodo.


Yes, you can purchase a new EV SSL certificate from Comodo Certificate Authority. Nowadays, Comodo CA is very popular certificate authority compared to another SSL CA. As per W3techs report “Comodo is used by 31.5% of all the websites”. The price of Comodo EV SSL certificate is also cheaper than Symantec EV SSL certificate and with EV SSL certificate, you don’t lose your website visual elements such as Green Address Bar along with your Business Name.

You can find the cheap Comodo EV SSL certificate from the SSL reseller website, they are authorized reseller of the trusted certificate authorities.

Finally, the choice is yours.

Question #2 Switch to using the wildcard certificate…


Generally, the Wildcard SSL certificate is the best option for who have multiple sub-domains and wish to protect all of them with single SSL certificate.

Right now, there is no EV SSL option available in Wildcard SSL certificate.

I hope you know more about the Wildcard SSL certificate, so I don’t discuss more on it.

My Suggestion:

I suggest you should go with EV SSL certificate rather than another SSL certificate.
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