Is it possible to notify a remote User that their password is due to expire?

Darrin Crawford
Darrin Crawford used Ask the Experts™
Not sure this is possible!

Is it possible to contact a user via email to notify them that their password is due to expire.

We have no issues with Users in the office environment, our policy is set to 120 days change and they get notified.
However we have some remote Users who use corporate services remote - say on a Mac Book.

Accounts are synced from DC to office 365.

So these guys have no way of knowing their password is about to expire.
they do not get locked out of Office 365 - but do not get access to corporate services, which require domain creds.

Is there something that can notify them - via email?
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Senior Infrastructure Analyst
You could write a powershell script which would then email the people

That sort of thing :-)


Does anyone have a specific powerscript to push this out?
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

This is exactly what you're looking for with the exception of you having to fill out some variables which we won't know.

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